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[Nantong Foreign Investment (Europe and America) recruitment

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Sales representative catering channel Nantong Nestle (China) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch Nantong 4.5-6000 / month 06-24

education requirements: college degree | working experience: 1 year | company nature: foreign capital (Europe and America) | company size: more than 10000 people

creating extremely high quality food from family food experience is exactly what Nestle professionals are engaged in It's our business. As a food and beverage company, we are committed to building partnerships with everyone in the food service and hotel industries and further expanding our business. We love food and beverage. Our goal is to develop a close relationship with all our partners, use our experience and know-how all over the world to share new and favorable business concepts, trends and insights, and ultimately help you continuously provide satisfactory service to customers through our brands, products and solutions. No matter what your business challenges, ideas or opportunities are, we will work side by side with you to help you achieve your dream success and provide unforgettable dining experience for your customers. Our business is not limited to food and beverage. We are committed to making customers very satisfied with every dish of food and drink. We are committed to creating more possibilities with you. For more information, please visit Nestle's official website. Job snapshot nestle professional catering / dairy% 26amp; Condiment / sales location: Nantong work coverage - customer development and maintenance of catering channels, Regular visits to new and old customers - Implementation of product promotion and other marketing activities - collection and summary of relevant market information and regular reporting to the superior - timely and accurate completion of all kinds of sales reports - other work arranged by the superior - college degree or above - honesty and reliability, Professional and team spirit - able to accept challenges and work under pressure - good interpersonal and language communication skills - able to use MS office software - Catering channel sales experience is preferred - at least 1-2 years of relevant sales experience - basic office software skills Master -% 26nbsp; Nestle has 308000 employees. Our aim is to \

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