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A brief introduction to the European and American singer SIA

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Xiya% 26middot; Kate% 26middot; Isobel% 26middot; SIA Kate isobelle Furler, born in Adelaide, South Australia on December 18, 1975, is an Australian pop singer and songwriter who graduated from Adelaide high school. The following is a brief introduction of SIA, a singer from Europe and America. I hope you like it

Introduction to SIA

Name: SIA Kate isobelle Furler

Nationality: Australia

Birthplace: Adelaide, Australia

Date of birth: December 18, 1975

Occupation: singer, songwriter

Constellation Sagittarius

Height 166cm

His representative works are elastic heart, chandelier, Cherry Hills, titanium, wild ones, the greatest and alive

Major achievements: Nine Australian performance rights association Music Awards

Nine Australian Record Industry Association Awards

Eight Grammy nominations

SIA's personal life

Emotional experience

In 1997, Xiya and her Ex Boyfriend Dan pontifex started a global trip. When her boyfriend got up and returned to Britain, she chose to stay in Thailand for a few days. She did not want Dan to be killed in a car accident in London. A week after her boyfriend died, SIA was able to return to London. This incident made Xiya unable to come out of the shadow for seven years

In 2008, Xiya disclosed that she was bisexual and her relationship with JD Samson, a member of the band Le Tigre. The two broke up in 2011

On August 2, 2014, Xiya and documentary producer Eric% 26middot; Anders% 26middot; Erik Anders Lang married in Palm Springs, USA; However, they announced their divorce in December 2016

Health status

Xiya suffered from bipolar disorder in her childhood due to excessive use of marijuana. She claims to be dependent on painkillers and alcohol. She wrote a suicide note and attempted to commit suicide

In June 2010, Xiya's official website announced that due to its poor health, all scheduled publicity trips had been cancelled. She claims to have been diagnosed with toxic diffuse goiter, accompanied by severe lethargy and groundless phobia. Four months later, she said she had taken thyroxine replacement therapy and her health had gradually improved

Character evaluation of SIA

Xiya is a singer with personality. In her anonymity, Xiya reveals her pure essence, which makes the world's amazing performance direct into people's heart and full of power(

Xiya's voice has a distorted texture. It sounds like a file when it is hoarse. The high notes are loud and attractive. Even if there are a few small broken notes, it becomes the seasoning of sincere emotion in the song. In addition, the unique English pronunciation of Australian makes her singing unique. Xiya's casual and lazy singing, like readjusting the rapid rhythm of the city, just reflects her real mood of not wanting to be a superstar(

Xiya owns% 26quo; The queen of ballads% 26quot; Good reputation, but it has always been% 26quo; The most popular song is not popular; We are in a better position. Before 2014, the covers of her albums or singles were all made up of strange hairstyles and shocking makeup, leaving the unpredictable% 26quo; Female neuropathy% 26quot; Route; After 2014, she didn't show her face at all. Not only did she not show her face on the record cover, but also she didn't show up in the TV show. She sang with her back to the audience. She was a cool% 26quo; Female neuropathy% 26quot(

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