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Ipixsoft video to HTML5 converter download

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ipixsoft video to HTML5 converter mainly provides users with ipixsoft video to HTML5 conversion function. The software is professional and practical, the conversion speed is fast, and supports a variety of formats. It also provides some basic video editing functions, allowing users to customize logo, output size and quality, htm5 video label. The operation method is also relatively simple. The specific process is described below, Let's take a look if you need it ~

software function

conversion function:

convert video files into HTML5 supporting files

setting function:

use custom logo

set output size and quality

set htm5 video label

use method

step 1: run ipixsoft video to HTML5 converter, Add video file

install and run the ipixsoft video to HTML5 converter. You will see the program as shown in the figure below. Click the \

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