Website construction

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Mobile phone shopping mall equal to anything you want to do.

website is built with the star of the website. It allows your website and WeChat official account to do everything in the enterprise website, personal website, online store, shopping mall and mobile WeChat website. The small program and APP key button are instantly owned. Built in super rich network marketing promotion tools, thousands of exquisite website templates, a new generation of self-service website building system, and marketing website building artifact

PC + mobile phone + wechat website + applet + app, five in one website construction

applet development has many traffic entrances, integrating display, interaction and transaction

powerful site building components, changeable applications, and flexible to meet the needs of enterprise websites

seamless connection of wechat website and super wechat marketing function

self help station building multilingual responsive enterprise official website construction

website construction supports SEO optimization, PC + mobile terminal

the image strength of the enterprise's official website is strongly displayed to stimulate customers to buy

mall and online store distribution functions help you expand distribution channels

powerful multi-user mall system and a variety of e-commerce tools to promote transaction

efficient SEO optimization of website building star supreme edition, attracting traffic

real time consultation of online customer service system to improve the conversion rate of enterprise website

strengthen the viscosity of corporate website fans and optimize word-of-mouth marketing

deepen customer care and maintenance, and increase the return rate of the enterprise's official website

improve enterprise official website services and retain more customers

Marketing Websites build a variety of marketing tools to ignite popularity

in addition to the construction of display websites and marketing websites, thousands of website templates, and the website star also provides more

Free upgrade - marketing functions and plug-ins are continuously updated every month

Free professional training - monthly website building, wechat marketing, e-commerce and other Internet value-added training