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The rise of titanium, a cross platform development tool: HTML5 is the biggest threat

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Apple's iPhone and iPad are probably the most stylish devices today - in fact, The modern art section of the San Francisco Museum( the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) It has been exhibited in the industrial design exhibition. Compared with its stylish appearance, Its IOS device uses a very old language: Objective-C。 UnicodeToStringerror

Haynie's view is, There is no need for developers to learn Objective-C or Java to write applications for today's fastest-growing computing platform - smartphones and tablets. And this, That's why appcelerator developed. Appcelerator is a company founded jointly by Haynie and others in Atlanta, GA in 2007, And moved to Silicon Valley in 2008. The company has received $15 million in new venture capital, Its main product is a kind of software, This software can turn programs written in web language into mobile applications that run well on IOS and Android, It can even run on MAC and windows machines

UnicodeToStringerror Appcelerator co-founder and CEO Jeff Haynie Appcelerator co-founder and CEO Jeff Haynie

appcelerator is not the only one that allows developers to avoid writing local code for IOS or Android devices( Code written in Objective-C or Java) Our company. Its biggest direct competitor is likely to be rhomobile, A company acquired by Motorola in October. Rhomobile creates rhodes, An open source framework, This framework can convert applications written in Ruby into local applications for iPhone, Android, blackberry, windows mobile and windows phone. However, Rhodes is mainly used by developers of enterprise users, Appcelerator is more used in consumer applications, For example, the application of NBC

appcelerator may have a more terrible opponent - HTML5. Many developers use HTML5 to develop browser based games and applications that have the look and feel of local applications, And publish them directly through the browser, You don't have to go to Google or Apple's app store to get authorization. If HTML5 can break this closed and controlled application ecosystem, It will cut off appcelerato's money. In fact, Adam Blum, CEO of rhomobile, said he thought appcelerator was \ UnicodeToStringerror

appcelerator was not a mobile commerce oriented company at first. According to Haynie, He first worked in the army as an electronic warfare technician( an electronic-warfare technician) Work, He then received a degree in computer science from Southern Illinois University. He eventually co founded an Internet voice company called vocalocity in Atlanta( voice-over-Internet company)% 26#xff0c; Nolan Wright, the eighth employee, founded appcelerator with him, We hope to put the skills they gained in helping web developers create language call applications into use

Wright and Haynie supported the company through contract application development in the first year, But their main project is titanium. Haynie said that the platform was originally Adobe's cross platform operating environment( cross-platform runtime environment) Air service. It allows web developers to convert JavaScript, HTML code and CSS style sheets into applications that can run on windows and Mac OS X

Zipcar's mobile app, as rendered by Appcelerator Titanium for the iPhone (left) and Android (right). Zipcar' s mobile app, as rendered by Appcelerator Titanium for the iPhone (left) and Android (right).

Haynie said, Desktop tools are still the core foundation of their products, But the development speed is not as fast as mobile applications. After Apple opened the iPhone to applications developed by the third engine, Helping web developers build mobile applications became the focus of appcelerator in 2008, This strategy was inspired by Haynie. To get closer to this strategy, The company reassigned 10 employees to mountain view, CA, and began to adjust titanium to digest HTML and javascript, Generate local application of Objective-C. In December 2008, Appcelerator won its first round of venture capital - 4, US $100000, The investor is the course of storm ventures

now, Titanium is well known as a tool, This tool can make iPhone applications originally written in web language feel like they were written in Objective-C. This platform allows developers to make their applications feel more like local, It provides developers with hundreds of pre compiled customizable software elements, From the user interface control( Buttons, tabs, sliding bars, etc) To integrated maps, album browsers, etc. It also provides a code, Let developers connect their applications to cloud services and mobile ad networks( Such as Apple's iad) Go up


after Google entered the mobile market with Android, Appcelerator has also added java to its product processing camp. Subsequently, it entered the mobile market for BlackBerry OS and windows phone, Appcelerator does the same. But Haynie is very cautious, He said titanium was not \ UnicodeToStringerror

appcelerator currently has 115 employees, Three weeks ago, It ended its third round of financing, Investors include return back storm ventures, Mayfield fund, tranlink capital, Sierra ventures, strategic investors, eBay and red hat. Now, It raised a total of $31 million. With these new investments, The company plans to expand into Europe and Asia, In these places, IOS and Android are just beginning to control the market


but is local application a valuable species? If you have been following the column recently, You will find a lot of articles predicting that the iTunes app store and Android Market are about to give way. Because HTML5 is developing, More and more developers will have more opportunities to access functions previously only available in local applications in smartphones and tablets. All this is because some HTML5 applications are beginning to be as natural and comfortable as local applications

although appcelerator made a big bet on the acquisition of particle code, But Haynie is not too worried about HTML5. In fact, According to a survey released by appcelerator last week, Today, developers are most interested in the new mobile platform, Not html5, at all; It's Amazon's kindle fire

Haynie predicted:“