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Detailed explanation of cross platform tools: appcelerator (titanium)

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Appcelerator (Titanium)

appcelerator was founded in California, mountain view in 2006. Its core product, titanium, was released in 2008. It provides developers with an OS Abstract runtime and IDE, mainly for PC, MAC and Linux. In 2009, the target platform expanded to Android and IOS. After three rounds of financing, appcelerator's market value reached US $30 million. Its investors include storm ventures, eBay, Mayfield, RedHat and tranlink

appcelerator has consolidated the industry through three recent acquisitions. In January 2011, aptana's acquisition brought appcelerator an eclipse based IDE, followed by 1.6 million users. In November of the same year, appcelerator acquired particlecode to promote the platform in the field of games and mobile web. It is expected to launch web support in the first half of 2012. In February 2012, appcelerator acquired cocoafish to integrate a series of cloud based platform services, including storage, mandatory notification, information, user management and public integration interfaces

product and technical support


titanium application is developed using HTML, JavaScript and CSS, and supports PHP, ruby and python. Applications can use the appcelerator API to access local features, user interface components, and optional modules similar to analytical. Titanium links jabascript to a local library and compiles it into bytecode. The IOS or Android SDK compiler builds a package for the target platform

appcelerator emphasizes that more than 80% of the code is reused across mobile platforms, and titanium can also be used as a desktop development platform

its output application contains most of the local code and performs rendering locally. In addition, the output application includes a JavaScript interpreter runtime and a WebKit rendering engine. Runtime payload– Including WebKit rendering engine, API library and JavaScript interpreter– It is considered to be one tenth of the volume of adobe air runtime. Appcelerator studio (derived from the acquisition of aptana) is an additional ide

appcelerator can select output formats, including local app format (a format of current usage * * *), hybrid app and mobile web app. Appcelerator's target mobile platforms currently only include IOS, Android and mobile web platforms, and plans to launch more complete web support in 2012. BlackBerry support is also under test

The titanium SDK provided by the

apache2 open source license community is available in two versions: free community projects and commercial products. Community licensees can purchase the appcelerator module at the open mobile marketplace. Enterprise license provides a more complete mobile platform, integrating background and third-party systems, development support, product support, and enhanced analysis

The low price threshold of

appcelerator has brought it higher popularity. 56% of appcelerator users chose% 26ldquo; Its low price or free” As one of the main reasons for their main cross platform tools. This shows that most of the respondents use the community version

at the same time, the company released the open mobile marketplace. The code and services developed using the titanium platform, sample applications and design elements can be traded online. Appcelerator marketplace is provided by appdirect

market share

According to the survey report of

appcelerator, there are 35000 apps

appcelerator claims that aptana's acquisition brought 1.6 million developers

market positioning

appcelerator is mainly used to develop information rich and interactive applications, rather than picture rich game apps. Our survey found that nearly twice as many appcelerator developers tend to develop media, entertainment and education apps

at present, appcelerator is mainly for web developers. Appcelerator developers mainly develop iPhone app (97%) and android app (92%), followed by iPad app (85%) and Android Tablet app (60%). Appcelerator's increasing support for other platforms will be the general trend, with more than 60% of developers. Appcelerator is more attractive to novices in mobile development. 80% of users have only two or less years of mobile development experience. The types of apps developed and the use of tools, such as

appcelerator main. Appcelerator's multiple acquisitions provide a complete mobile development platform for enterprises. This makes it more consistent with mobile app platform solutions (such as worklight), although appcelerator is more suitable for developing various types of applications than focusing on large corporate or enterprise apps

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