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The rise of titanium: HTML5 is the biggest threat

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Apple's iPhone and iPad are probably the most stylish devices today - in fact, the% 26 x ff0c; Modern art section of San Francisco Museum% 26 × xff08; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) It has been shown in the industrial design exhibition. Compared with its shapeless appearance,% 26 × ff0c; Its IOS devices use a fairly old language% 26 × xff1a; Objective-C。 UnicodeToStringerror Haynie's view is% 26 # xff0c; There is no need for developers to learn Objective-C or Java to write applications for today's fastest-growing computing platforms - smartphones and tablets. And this% 26 × UnicodeToStringerror Appcelerator co-founder and CEO Jeff Haynie Appcelerator co-founder and CEO Jeff Haynie

appcelerator is not the only one that allows developers to avoid writing native code% 26 # xff08 for IOS or Android devices; Code written in Objective-C or Java% 26 × xff09; The company of the company. Its biggest direct competitor is probably rhomobile% 26 × xff0c; A company that Motorola acquired in October. Rhomobile created Rhodes% 26 × xff0c; An open source framework% 26 × UnicodeToStringerror UnicodeToStringerror

appcelerator was not a company for mobile commerce in the beginning. According to Haynie% 26 x ff0c; He initially worked as an electronic warfare technician in the army; an electronic-warfare technician) Working% 26 × xff0c; He then received a degree in computer science from Southern Illinois University. He eventually co founded an Internet voice company called vocalocity in Atlanta; voice-over-Internet company)% 26#xff0c; Among them, Nolan Wright, the No.8 employee, created appcelerator% 26 ×

Wright and Haynie in the first year through the contract application development support company% 26 # xff0c; But their main project is titanium. Haynie said that this platform was originally designed for Adobe's cross platform running environment% 26 × Zipcar's mobile app, as rendered by Appcelerator Titanium for the iPhone (left) and Android (right). Zipcar' s mobile app, as rendered by Appcelerator Titanium for the iPhone (left) and Android (right). Haynie said% 26 # xff0c; Desktop tools are still the core foundation of their products; But the development speed is not as fast as mobile applications. After Apple opened the iPhone to the third development app, the% 26 x ff0c; Helping web developers build mobile applications has become the focus of appcelerator in 2008; This strategy was inspired by Haynie. In order to get closer to this strategy% 26 × xff0c; The company reassigned 10 employees to mountain view, CA, and began to adjust titanium to digest HTML and JavaScript% 26 # xff0c; Generate the local application of Objective-C. In December 2008% 26 × xff0c; Appcelerator won its first round of venture capital -- 4% 26 × xff0c; US $100000% 26 ×

is now% 26 × xff0c; Titanium is known as a tool% 26 × xff0c; This tool can make iPhone apps written in web language feel like they are written in Objective-C. This platform enables developers to make their applications feel more like the local% 26xff0c; It provides hundreds of pre compiled and customizable software elements% 26 × xff0c for developers; From the user interface control% 26 × xff08; Button, tab, slider and so on% 26 × xff09; To integrated map, album browser, etc. It also provides a code% 26 × xff0c; Let developers connect their applications to cloud services and mobile ad networks; For example, Apple's IAD% 26 × UnicodeToStringerror UnicodeToStringerror UnicodeToStringerror

appcelerator currently has 115 employees% 26 ᦇ xff0c; Three weeks ago% 26 x ff0c; It ended its third round of financing by% 26; The investors include return backer storm ventures, Mayfield fund, Translink capital, Sierra ventures, strategic investors, eBay and red hat. Now% 26 × UnicodeToStringerror But is local application a rare species; If you've been following column% 26 recently; You'll find a lot of articles predicting that the iTunes app store and Android Market are about to give way. Because HTML5 is developing% 26 ×

although appcelerator has made a big bet on the acquisition of particle code% 26 × xff0c; But Haynie is not too worried about HTML5. In fact% 26 × ff0c; According to a survey released by appcelerator last week, 26% X ff0c; The new mobile platform that developers are most interested in is% 26 × xff0c; It's not HTML5% 26 ×

Haynie predicts that% 26 ᦇ xff1a“ In the future, there will be a struggle among various ecosystems; And there are a lot of these ecosystems. Of course% 26 ×