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What does the letter of Casio Watch mean

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The letter meaning of Casio Watch is DST for summer time indicator, SPL for sectional timing, SIG for whole time alarm, ALM for alarm, SNZ for intermittent alarm, etc

Casio Watch is a very popular watch brand from Japan. Different abbreviations on Casio Watch have different meanings. So what does the letter of Casio Watch mean? Let's learn about it with her time editor! The letter meaning of Casio Watch

There are different abbreviations on Casio watches, and different abbreviations represent different meanings. For example, DST represents the summer time indicator, SPL represents the segmented timing, ALM represents the alarm clock, SNZ represents the intermittent alarm clock

On Casio Watch, TMR means countdown function, dualtimemode means double time mode, SIG means whole time function, stop time means stopwatch. In addition, the function key in the upper left corner of CASIO is the confirm key and enter key, the upper right corner is the add key, the lower left corner is the menu switch key, and the lower right corner is the decrease key

Lun and mon in Casio dial are short for lunes and Monday respectively, which means Monday. Tue and mar, wed and Mier, thu and juev, FRI and Vier mean Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in English and French respectively. Sat and SAB, sun and DOM mean Sunday respectively

The meaning of CASIO series

In the serial number of Casio Watch model, DW - digital water resist digital display waterproof aw - analog water resist pointer waterproof WW - wide temperature water resist waterproof GS at various temperatures Design style: MRG majestic reality GMN - G-Shock mini, mini series BG - Baby-G series BGR, BG - Baby-G's reef, coral reef transparent series MSG - g-miss series, business women's watch OCW Oceanus waveceptor Poseidon wave series lov - lovers' watch

Casio Watch series is divided into several categories, EF is the edifice pointer series, BG is Baby-G women's series, MSG is women's business series, G is G-Shock men's series, SHN is sheen lady series

Casio color division

Color division of Casio Watch models: 1 - Black 2 - Blue 3 - Green 4 - red, pink, Orange 5 - Brown 6 - Purple 7 - White 8 - silver, gray 9 - yellow, gold

Casio band division

Casio Watch model strap series is divided into D, l, BD, V, Lv. D stands for steel strap, l stands for leather strap, if not marked, it is usually plastic or resin strap, BD stands for black ion coated steel strap, V stands for fabric, LV stands for fabric and leather mixed strap. In addition, this figure is also applied to special models, such as World Cup commemorative money, couple series and so on

Casio similarity discrimination

When the dial colors are similar, a, B and other letters are added to distinguish them. For example, bg-169-4, according to the analysis, 4 should be red, but red has different shades, some are dark red, some are pink. At this time, a, B and C represent different red. Please see the big picture when you buy

Casio material division

The material classification of Casio Watch models includes a, B, C, D... Stainless steel e, h, T - titanium L - leather strap GM - Gold Frog model HL - Hawaiian lifeguards Hawaiian lifeguards HD - Hawaiian Pro designs Hawaiian surfer style design NISMO - Nissan Motor Sport, Nissan car race re red eye, Red eye RF rain forest RJ Rastafarian Jamaican leader style SA street artist street artist TC triple crown of surfing, WC World Cup, K, AK cetacean conference, PP puppy, Baby-G cat and dog series

Casio Watch model also shows the region of sale. J or JF represents the territory of Japan. 5. Ver and Dr represent the overseas version. R. L and RL are unknown areas

The above content about the meaning of Casio Watch letters, as well as the sharing of other related content, you can take it as a reference. For the above questions, we will introduce here, hoping to help you better understand the meaning of Casio Watch letters

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