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Android system folder details: Android mobile phone system folder storage role comparison table

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for many mobile phone enthusiasts, what do the various folders in Android mobile phone SD card represent? Which can be deleted? Where is the photo and video taken by mobile phone on SD card? And so on, are these all in doubt? With too many applications installed on the mobile phone, the use space is gradually reduced, so how to clear those cache files and which files can be deleted? The following Pepsi network editor for you to share the next Android system folder details

安卓系统文件夹对照表 Android system folder cross reference table

more Android folder cross reference table:

1. Android's more important folder contains some program data, such as the map cache of Google map

2. Android optimizer installation% 26quo; Android optimization master% 26quot; Post generated folder

3. Decompress Android sdlpal_ 95. Zip to get the androidsdlpal folder

4、 Baidu, as the name suggests, is a cache folder for programs like Baidu and Baidu input method

Baidu map

6, baidu map folder

7、 Games like

8, beats dancing machine (I've been looking for it for a long time and I've fainted)





13. Cache folder of DCIM camera

14, documents documents to go

[0} 15, domob interstitial are fruit ninja pop-up ads and some photos

16, download folder

17、 Droidhen uses his mobile phone as the folder of computer video head software

19, DX theme desktop software folder

The game produced by EA (mine is the best flying car)


21 and Gameloft Gameloft / games folders store game data. Gameloft's large games have dozens of MB to hundreds of MB of game data stored separately from the main program. After you install the corresponding game, you can turn on WiFi

) running the game again will automatically download the game data to this folder; Or you can download the corresponding game data package from the Internet without WiFi, unzip it and put it under the Gameloft / Games folder. Game

published on general large forum The

post will be equipped with data package download

22. Gfan forum

23, go notewidget transparent note software documentation

24. Go launcherex go desktop cache folder. If you want to change the font, the font file is placed in the fonts directory of this folder

25, folder left by gostore go desktop

Guohe mobile advertising is a folder of advertising software! Generally may be the cache software in it! If it is generated automatically, it may not be easy to delete

27. Ireader, as the name suggests, is the cache folder of ireader

28, livebeauty

The missing or wrong files on

29 and lost.dir card will run here. This directory is useless and will be automatically generated if deleted

30, miliao, as the name suggests, is the cache folder of MI chat

31. As the name suggests, MIUI is the cache folder of MIUI

32, mosecurity this should be the folder of Jinshan guard

33. Movies, as the name suggests, is the cache folder for movies

34, MSF mobile phone QQ generated

35, muzhiwan, as the name suggests, is the cache folder of thumb play

36, nceenglish new concept English translation cache folder

37. Notifications creates a file named% 26quo at any location on the SD card; notifications” I throw my own ring tone into the folder and point to the memory of my mobile phone As the name suggests, Openfeint's cache folder (Openfeint is a SNS based platform (pc841. Com), which provides an online game platform for IOS and Android systems)

39, p2pcache mobile fast video cache folder, (currently fast Android version uses small file strategy, so it's still the same after download! MV file. The requirement for downloading and synthesizing the complete video has been submitted to the developer to evaluate whether it will be published in the following version

this optimization improvement)

40、 (check my mobile phone)

42, podcasts podcasts folder (network explanation), delete does not affect

43, qdreader start reading cache folder

As the name suggests, quickpai's cache folder bar (mine is 2D barcode scanner software)

As the name implies, qvod's cache folder

Download ringtones from Internet:

This is a temporary backup file

when you enter Trojan cleaning or system optimization

48, ROMs simulator folder 7

49 and sgupdate are the upgrade file installation package 2

SNDA Shanda network company's game, if you uninstall the product, this can also be deleted


52, svox a Chinese voice plug-in, can support multi language reading, third-party speech recognition software

The directory of video files recorded by talking friends Tom cat

54, Tencent, the cache directory of Tencent software

55, tmpcache KuWo music download cache folder

56, TTPOD, TTPOD is a beautiful installation directory every day. There will be some folders that are related to the function directory, generally: Data% 26mdash;% 26mdash; System directory, skin% 26mdash;% 26mdash; Skin directory, lyrics% 26mdash;% 26mdash; Lyrics directory, log% 26mdash;% 26mdash; Log file


directory (some records about the daily operation of beautiful sound. If there is a problem in the operation, the log.txt file can intuitively see which link has a problem.)

57, ucdownloads UCWEB browser download file cache save directory

58, configuration file

in ucmobileconfig UC browser This is an advertisement cache file of an advertisement alliance. (if other software you use has the advertisement of this alliance, you will have this folder. If you want to delete it completely, you need to delete the software with the advertisement of this alliance)

the following 65 items are found on the Internet. They are relatively complete and can be shared with you


2. Bluetooth will have this after using Bluetooth

Cache files for

3,. Mobo moboplayer

The cache files of

4,. QQ and QQ are cleared regularly

5. QuickoFFICE, as the name suggests, is the cache file of QuickoFFICE

6,. SwitchPro, as the name suggests, is the cache file of switchprowidget

Cache file of

7,. Ucdlres UC thunderbolt

8. Cache folder of album cover

9. Cache folder of albums album thumbnails

10. Android's more important folder contains some program data, such as the map cache of Google map, which needs to be downloaded again after being deleted by mistake

11. Backups some backup files, such as contacts, will be imported into this folder when exported to SD card

Baidu, as the name suggests, is a cache folder for programs like Baidu and Baidu input method

13. When there is a problem with the bugtogo system, some report files will be formed and stored in this folder

CMP personal judgment is the music cache folder

15 and data are also folders for caching data, similar in nature to Android

16, DCIM camera random cache folder, some function setting parameter records, timely sorting and clearing

17, documents documents to go

The cache folder of

18 and etouch

The default decompression directory of

19, extracted androzip and other decompression software

20, the folder where Gameloft game packets are stored. \

21, as the name implies, the data folder of handcent

22. The folder related to the currency exchange rate of handycurrency will be available only after handycalc (scientific calculator) is installed

23. Ireader, as the name suggests, is the cache folder of ireader

24, kingreader open the cache folder

The cache directory of

25 and lazylist applet (black market) may also be related to other programs. It is not clear for the time being, so it should be used carefully

26, lost or error files on the lost.dir card will run here, this directory is useless, deleted will be automatically generated

As the name suggests, Moji is the cache directory of ink weather

28, the cache folder generated by musicfolders poweramp

29, Openfeint, as the name suggests, is the cache folder of Openfeint

A directory created by picstore image browsing software

The cache folder of

31 and playlists

As the name suggests, Renren is the cache folder of Renren client

It seems that screenshot is the directory of screenshots, but I don't remember that I installed screenshot. Maybe it's not easy to use and delete

As the name suggests, shotme is the directory where picture files are saved after screen capture

35, smartpix games, cache folder of smartpix games, such as jewellust

As the name suggests, Sogou is a random cache folder of Sogou Pinyin input method

37, cache folder of speedsoftware re file manager

38. Systemappbackup systemapp remove: the directory where the backup files are saved after the system files are backed up

39. The directory of video files recorded by talking friends talking tom

Tencent, as the name suggests, is the cache directory of Tencent software, such as QQ(

41. Titanium backup is the directory saved by the backup program

Tunnybrowser is the cache directory of Dolphin Browser, but why is it called?, Tuna browser...

43, ucdlfiles, storage directory of UC Xunlei download files

44, ucdownloads, save directory of UCWEB browser download file cache.)`

Cache directory of

45 and vie vignette



48、 After deleting

49 and youmica Che, they will automatically generate the cache directory of youmi advertisement. The advertisement program is embedded in its program, and it is not necessary to install it

50, Glu Glu series game information package storage, such as 3D deer hunter, brave two brothers, etc

The cache directory of

51 and apadqq images QQ for pad

52, dundef dungeon guardian's packet