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[reprint] the personality of psychological counselors

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Psychological counselors should relieve the psychological confusion and pain of the clients, and do correction work for the clients with normal personality. Therefore, they should be people with mental health and good personality. The practice shows that the higher the mental health and the better the personality of the counselors, the more help they can provide in the consultation and visit relationship. On the contrary, if the mental health of the counselors themselves is unhealthy and they have personality traits that are not conducive to the development of psychological counseling, their distorted mind and eccentric personality may cause the failure of psychological counseling, and even induce some psychological diseases of the counselors( 1) The mental health of healthy psychological counselors is mainly manifested in the following aspects: 1. Positive and healthy attitude towards life. The life attitude of mental healthy people is positive, and their personality is full of enterprising, optimistic and positive attitude towards life. Psychological counselors should have a positive and optimistic attitude in their own life, and bring this positive and optimistic attitude to the work of psychological counseling. Because doing so, on the one hand, it will infect the frustrated visitors who encounter difficulties in life and study, and arouse their courage to face life; On the other hand, a positive and optimistic attitude can bring enthusiasm and vitality to the counseling work, and enhance the courage of counselors to overcome the difficulties encountered in counseling. 2. In a stable emotional state, everyone has feelings of joy, anger, sorrow and joy. Everyone may encounter some setbacks and misfortunes in the middle of life. People with mental health have a high tolerance to setbacks, can appropriately release their emotions and keep their emotions relatively stable. Psychological counselors should be able to better mediate their emotions and maintain emotional stability in psychological counseling. Only in this way can we keep a cool and clear mind and analyze problems objectively. 3. It is difficult to find people with absolute mental health in life without obvious psychological barriers. In the process of their growth, psychological counselors will encounter setbacks, and even some of them have had all kinds of psychological confusion or problems as the inquirers. But when they become a psychological counselor, they should have overcome their own psychological problems through their own efforts to achieve a relatively healthy state( 2) American counselor Rogers puts forward that counselors should have the following four qualities: (1) unconditional respect: no matter what kind of clients and problems they face, counselors can treat them with a comprehensive attitude, so that they feel unconditional positive attention( 2) Consistency: the consultant should be good at using personal feelings, and his speech and behavior should be straightforward and consistent; In addition, the relationship between consultants and clients is coherent and real( 3) Sincerity: the consultant should be honest and sincere without any cover up(