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In 2021, there are four large-scale smelters in Indonesia, namely, minerals, bauxite, lead and zinc

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Indonesia's Ministry of energy and mineral resources (esdm) aims to open four mineral processing and refining facilities (smelters) this year, including three nickel smelters and one Tin Smelter, according to Indonesian News Network on June 8

At present, there are 23 smelters in operation, and four new smelters planned to start operation this year are as follows:

1, At present, the construction progress has reached 97.7%. According to him, the smelter project is limited by power supply and can not be started at present

He said he hopes the electrical installation will be completed by July

PT nickel smelter Indonesia

at present, 100% of the new smelter has been built, and the production test has been carried out successfully. However, due to waiting for additional working capital, the activity was suspended

The nickel smelter in vandaan province and Pt cahaya modern metal industri nickel smelter in vandaan province have been 100% completed and put into operation. They have been visited by the seventh Committee of Congress before

4. Central Kalimantan smelter

prima CITRA smelter in Central Kalimantan. At present, 99.87% of the smelter project has been completed, but it is still waiting for experts from China, who are expected to arrive this month

previously, energy and Mineral Resources Minister ariffin explained that only two new smelters were in operation last year, so the total number of nickel smelters in 2020 will be 13

by 2021, the target is to add four new smelters, bringing the total number of operating smelters to 23. In the overall target, 23 smelters are in operation, including 16 nickel smelters, 2 copper smelters, 2 bauxite smelters, 1 iron smelter, 1 manganese smelter and 1 lead-zinc smelter

At the same time, by 2024, the government aims to operate as many as 53 smelters. That means 34 new smelters are needed over the next four years

In addition, 53 smelters need to be built by 2024, with an investment of US $21.59 billion. Among them, nickel smelter investment is 8 billion US dollars, bauxite investment is 8.64 billion US dollars, iron investment is 193.9 billion US dollars, copper investment is 4.69 billion US dollars, manganese investment is 23.9 million US dollars, lead and zinc investment is 28.8 million US dollars