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Why do you choose Munich University?

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Hello. Net: what makes you choose to study in Munich University

University of Munich, Germany

Yao, master of chemistry, University of Munich, Germany If you want to study abroad, you have to choose the best one. If you want to study in Germany, it's Munich

Master of animal medicine, University of Munich, Germany

I began to learn German in middle school, so it's convenient to come to Germany. It's also the most historic school in Germany. It has been built for more than 500 years, and the conditions are very mature. There must be a lot of harvest. I thought so at that time

University of Munich, Germany I study economics because I like German's rigorous style and pragmatic working attitude. I think it is in line with my character and a spirit needed by our country

I think the development prospect of economic major is very good, especially in China where economic construction is the center. If we learn this knowledge well, we can benefit a lot in our future life

Huang Yahong master of business management, University of Munich, Germany At that time, the application was to mail materials and transcripts, and then the other party could apply for a visa. I have studied German in China for several years, so it is not difficult to apply. If you are not a German major and have not read German, it is difficult to apply

Now I have studied for four semesters, a total of nine semesters can graduate, because the German University at that time was still a master's degree, there was no separate undergraduate. Later, the undergraduate and master's degree were separated. If you want to study undergraduate alone, three to four semesters will be enough. Now I can continue to study for a master's degree, or choose to graduate with an undergraduate certificate

nickel_ 2006 master of German, University of Munich, Germany

Before applying for University, I searched a lot of information. I felt that this school had good teachers and high teaching quality, so I applied to this school

Before I came here, I thought the equipment and teaching quality of this school were very good, but after I came here, I found that it was only at the middle or upper level. But it's acceptable